Yoga Classes at Hara in Coffs Harbour

HARA offers classes with dedicated Yoga teachers who incorporate all aspects of yoga into their teaching. The practice of Yoga is an art and science dedicated to creating union between body, mind and spirit. Our Yoga classes may include meditation, relaxation, breathing techniques, Yoga postures and movements. We offer different styles of Yoga to bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to our students.


What happens in a typical Yoga class?

Yoga classes vary. It depends on the particular style or study of the teacher.  You will usually practice on yoga mats and may use various props such as blankets, blocks, straps or bolsters provided by the teacher when required.  

When arriving at the studio and the Yoga room please respect the space by entering in silence. A yoga class typically includes:

  • An introduction to include relaxation or breathing practices.

  • A gentle warm up.

  • Yoga postures and movements.

  • A cool down of some restorative postures.

  • Relaxation or meditation to conclude.

After class we kindly ask you to quietly clean the studio Mats and store away neatly any Yoga props that you may have used for class.


Our Yoga Teachers

Suzanne McCarty

HARA Studio director and Yoga teacher & Yoga Therapist, Suzanne McCarty was led to Yoga over thirty years ago to help promote her strength and flexibility for ballet training. Yoga eventually became her haven from career and life pressures. Suzanne is a registered level 2 Yoga teacher with Yoga Australia, has completed Power Living Yoga - Teacher Training and Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with renowned international teacher Donna Farhi who has inspired her to find her own unique way of sharing Yoga with her students. Suzanne a certified Yoga Therapist with IATY-The International association of Yoga Therapy.

Suzanne is delighted to have dedicated, nurturing and experienced Senior Yoga teacher & Yoga Therapist Lauren Realph offering her own Yoga classes at HARA.


Lauren Realph

Lauren - Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist

Lauren believes that Yoga itself offers up tools that touch on the whole spectrum of human experience. She brings to her students over a decade of teaching experience and a personal practice of 15 years.

Yoga classes with Lauren are taught in a warm and accessible way with lots of support if you'd like it. 

Her classes are an opportunity to create space to build strength and vitality, and to cultivate inner integrity. Lauren educates in a way that will invite you to develop a compassionate and intuitive sense of your individual boundaries and innate personal potential through the detailed application of traditional yoga methods of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, kriya, meditation.



I have been attending classes at Hara for one year now. I feel that within that year my practice has a whole new depth and understanding, more than I ever thought possible just from attending yoga classes. I now feel stronger, more aware and I have learnt how to move in a whole new way. You and your staff are extremely knowledgeable, patient and welcoming. Every time I leave a class I’m happy that made the effort to attend, I feel refreshed and just a little more at peace. Thanks for everything.
— Michelle
Yoga at Hara Studio Coffs Harbour
Thought I’d let you know how much I am enjoying your yoga and pilates classes. I love how you are always learning and exploring. It’s great not to have stagnant classes and I’m learning so much about my body and I have actually noticed differences outside and within my body which has been great.
— Cherie