Old horse riding accidents, genetics (probably) - plus 6 weeks on crutches with a broken ankle all added to the problems of a pretty bad scoliosis. I had been referred to an Exercise Physiotherapist; and after a couple of months, my doctor sent me back to our physiotherapist. However, it was my physio (someone who had treated me for many years) who recommended me to Suzanne McCarty. Suzanne’s professionalism, anatomical knowledge and her Pilates’ skills impressed my physio enormously (they had workshopped together) ... and that was 4 years ago.

I’m still going to Hara and still love it. What’s more, I completely trust Suzanne and her team to take proper care of my problematic bones. Suzanne and Lisa have helped correct my posture and prescribe exercises and movements that always help relieve the pain. I doubt that there’s a cure for scoliosis - but with Hara, I do believe I can manage it better.
— Adrienne

Buff Bones is not just about bones. This class is great for core strength, posture awareness and improvement, and for toning. Suzanne offers variations of the movements to suit individual needs and gives very clear instructions and explanations of the purpose/benefits of various movements. Suzanne also offers lots of encouragement and reassurance. The small group size is conducive to each individual receiving attention and guidance as needed. The fact that everybody is different is recognised; there is no expectation that all will perform at the same level.
Don’t assume that this class is a “soft” option or just an easy version of pilates. On the contrary, it is challenging. And effective.
— Cheryl

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely say thank you. It is nice to know someone whom is passionate about what they do, but also very professional at the same time. When I first considered pilates I was initially skeptical. However, through your vast experience, you educated me about my injury. I wanted to find something that would strengthen my back after injuring it over 20 years ago. You made me confident and stronger. Your connection with me on a personal level made every visit very special. You became interested in my journey and made appropriate recommendations at specific times. You created a very fun environment, which helped me feel relaxed, but also committed at the same time. Your sense of humor made the difference. You have set my expectations very high and I would have no hesitation in recommending your business and practices. Thank you for caring about me.
— Claudia

Thank you for my first Pilates session last night, I really enjoyed it, great way to end the day. Even today my core is solid and making me sit up straight – So cool! I had a hysterectomy two years ago and have had trouble re-engaging my stomach muscles, not from the op but years of just not being able to exercise or enjoy using my stomach muscles.
— Jayne

I have been taking Pilates classes for the last 3 years with Suzanne McCarty. She is an excellent teacher who is very dedicated to the Pilates method. Suzanne also has lots of experience in post-pregnancy Pilates and I really benefitted from her classes after the birth of my two sons in 2006 and 2007. I’m delighted to now be back into my pre-pregnancy trousers!
— Nicola S

For a long time I had been searching for some sport or technique to make me more flexible and help me with my spinal pain, that wasn’t related to a spiritual concept such as Yoga. By chance I found out about Pilates and I really enjoyed it from the beginning. In Suzanne McCarty I found a very sensitive and precise teacher helping me not only to improve my workout but also going into more details of the movement.
— Marie J