What is Hara?


The name, “HARA” is a Japanese term that refers to a place in the body where the elixir of life is created. This is located in the belly region, a few inches below the navel, so HARA is ’the centre of your being’.

Owner of HARA Studio Suzanne McCarty, has created something more than a gym style Pilates and Yoga studio. Her vision is a studio that offers a broad range of movement techniques to ensure each student receives the full benefits that freedom of movement can bring.  Each of us has a unique body and mind, and we need different methods to find balance, strength and flexibility to develop and remain healthy in body, mind and soul.

To meet your unique needs, HARA Studio offers a community of well trained and experienced teachers for Pilates, The GYROTONIC® method, GYROKINESIS® exercise, Dancers programmes, Yoga practice & Yoga Therapy, and meditation to assist you in finding your unique way to wellbeing!


Suzanne McCarty Owner of Hara Studio Coffs Harbour
The HARA Studio principles are simple: build strength from the inside out - core strong and a flexible spine combined with a balanced, positive mind. This is a magic formula for a healthy, happy and long life!
Our signature is “Strong Core-Heart Open”
— Suzanne McCarty