Pilates Studio sessions and group Classes at Hara in Coffs Harbour

Hara Beyond Movement Studio offers the perfect Pilates Method fusion of old meets new. Senior Pilates instructor and studio director, Suzanne McCarty is a 2nd Generation Pilates instructor. Her lineage is Joseph PilatesRomana KryzanowskaSuzanne McCarty, she is a principal level Pilates trainer with the Pilates Alliance Australasia-PAA,  holds full Pilates certification of The Pilates Method New York, an Australian Pilates Diploma through PITC and 20+ years teaching experience.

Lauren Realph holds Classical Pilates Mat certificate from Peak Pilates and a Pilates Reformer certification with PITC - Australia.

With a strong foundation in the Classical Pilates Method, HARA offers knowledge gained from ongoing education in movement, anatomy and injury rehabilitation assistance to ensure you receive the best possible Pilates training for your specific needs.

We aim to assist you in achieving your highest physical potential whatever your age and fitness level - from sedentary, injury, to athletes, artists and the super fit.



  • Fully equipped Pilates Studio with highest quality Pilates apparatus including 6x reformers, cadillac, wunda chair, high chair, large barrel, small barrels, spine corrector, pedi-pole, baby chair, foot corrector, toe corrector, push up device.

  • Professional Dance standard sprung studio floor in the group studio space.

  • Low impact exercise for all ages and fitness levels.

  • Group Mat Classes at various levels for foundations, specialty and advanced students.

  • Pilates Reformer Quad class 4:1 at various levels for foundations, specialty and advanced students.

  • Small classes for personal attention for 6 - 12 students.

  • Private and duo studio sessions designed to suit your body, capabilities and goals.

  • 4 Person/Quad Classical Pilates Studio Conditioning Sessions.

  • Injury Rehabilitation.

  • Sports and cross training for athletes, arts specifics.

  • Programs designed for your individuals needs.

  • Fully qualified Pilates instructors with a minimum of 'Diploma of Pilates' and Pilates industry body members.


I know I’m in safe, highly qualified, educated, knowledgeable, caring hands with my Pilates instructors. They have been a vital part of my recovery and rehabilitation from back surgeries and recurring disc protrusion... I have put my trust in them for about 5 years and in that time I have gone from chronic, debilitating pain where I couldn’t raise 2 legs - to now, moving freely and in ways I never thought I could once again, stronger, fitter and pretty much pain free ...and able to do Hara barre which is amazing) without the need of further surgery. Do your homework when looking for a qualified studio & instructors to avoid injury & get the most out of your practice, I know my instructors are the best because my studio is HARA!
— Kiri
Thank you so much for being such an amazing Pilates teacher! It is six years in September since I began with you and I believe that without your wonderful commitment to me and my individual movement needs I would not have the flexibility and confidence in my body that I have today. You have the lovely knack of helping each of us feel comfortable in our own skin.
— Anon
Group Calls at Hara Studio Coffs Harbour
Pilates isn’t girly!
After trying gyms and trainers I found that Suzanne’s individual and duo Pilates instruction using her studio equipment as well as her mat classes has improved my flexibility, strength, and posture. It is a true work out any man can use no matter what your age or condition.
— Spencer