Yoga for Stress & Anxiety.

Life is busy. Between racing between destinations and bouncing between work, family, friends, grocery shopping and staying healthy it can made it hard to find time for self-care. We live in a culture of compulsive screen time where we’re conditioned to think that a Netflix binge or tunnelling into social media is relaxing.

When was the last time you felt truly calm and at ease?

When was the last time you took an hour out of your week for self-care?

The yogic elements of breath, meditation and mindful movement can address the ramifications of stress and anxiety. And before you think, I’m too old or I’m not flexible enough, Yoga isn’t about getting all sweaty in a room and testing out how flexible you are. It is a guided journey that teaches you to reconnect with yourself.

At Hara we’re offering 3 types of yoga that will help you to alleviate stress and find peace within, to better respond rather than react.  Each of our classes will aid you to Increase strength, balance, and stability. And teach you how your posture, breathing, and state of mind affect your health.

Yoga for Every-body.

When you think of yoga, you might imagine a hot room packed full of flexible yogis striking inversion poses. All too often we hear clients say “I’m not flexible enough for yoga”, “I’m too old for yoga”, “I don’t usually like yoga”. The truth is, yoga is for everybody. There is a reason it has been practised for over 5000 years, it is suitable for all age groups, body types and fitness levels.

At Hara we welcome beginners who have been a little too apprehensive to give yoga a go and those who’ve tried it but didn’t like that particular class. Below is a direct quote from one of our beautiful clients after trying yoga at Hara.

I don’t usually like Yoga but that class was exactly what I needed and so different to what I thought Yoga was”

Try Yoga at Hara

Try one of our discounted classes in July to experience yoga at Hara. If you’re a new student or someone who’s been with us before we’d love you to try our yoga classes.

Complete the form below with your details and the classes you’re interested in trying. We’ll contact you via email to confirm your booking.

While our studio can accommodate injury and rehabilitation, these particular group classes are not suitable for anyone with an injury. 


Try Hatha Yoga

Tuesday: July 9th & 16th @ 5:20pm

Only $15 per class


Try Power to Restore Yoga

Tuesday: July 9th & 16th @ 6:30pm

Only $15 per class


Try Release/ Stretch Restorative Yoga

Thursday: July 25th @ 6:30pm

Only $10. (For new students only)

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Early Bird Savings.

If you book into our ‘Release/Stretch Restorative Yoga’ 8-week course before July 25, you’ll receive 10% off your course.

This class will be on Thursdays at 6:30pm from July 25 to September 12 (inclusive).


If you purchase a block of 10 Classes for our other yoga classes before July 20. You’ll receive 10% off your block of 10.