Train to be a Level 1 GYROKINESIS® Trainer

Who is this Program For? Movement teachers of dance, Pilates, Yoga. Physiotherapists, body-bodyworkers and massage therapists. Dedicated and passionate students of The GYROKINESIS® Method.

What is required

  • 188 hour program (4 sequential courses)
  • 3 months to become a GYROKINESIS® Apprentice Trainer
  • 1 Year to become a Certified GYROKINESIS® Trainer

GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer-Suzanne McCarty

Suzanne McCarty is a skilled GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer who teaches the GYROKINESIS® Level 1 Pre-Training, Foundation Courses and Apprentice reviews Internationally and nationally in locations around Australia. Below is a list of scheduled trainings, If you are interested in attending an upcoming training please register your interest below.  All information about the GYROKINESIS® Level 1 Teacher Training is sourced from the GYROTONIC® Headquarters website. 


The Courses


GYROKINESIS® Pre-Training Course - Minimum of 6 days / 30 hours. 

To gain experience, and develop a personal understanding of the exercises on the Pre-Training Course exercise list.    

Upcoming Courses
  • GYROKINESIS® Pre Training
  • Date: 16-22 December 2019
  • Course Fee: AUD$550
  • Studio Fee: TBA
  • Location: Coffs Harbour
  • Studio: Hara Beyond Movement Studio, Coffs Harbour
  • Suzanne_McCarty_GYROKINESIS-Foundation-Course

    GYROKINESIS® Foundation Course - Minimum of 9 days / 45 hours.  

    A GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer will introduce you to the teaching techniques and principles underlying the GYROKINESIS® level 1 exercise syllabus and introduce the complete GYROKINESIS®, level 1 exercise curriculum.  

    Upcoming Courses

    • Date: January 2-12th 2020
    • Course Fee: AUD$950
    • Studio Fee: TBA
    • Location: Coffs Harbour
    • Studio: Hara Beyond Movement Studio, Coffs Harbour
  • GYROKINESIS® Foundation Training
  • Date: January 2020
  • Course Fee: Euro 950
  • Studio Fee: TBC
  • Location: Vienna Austria
  • Studio: Pilates Studio Vienna
  • Suzanne_McCarty_GYROKINESIS-Apprenticeship.png

    GYROKINESIS® Apprentice review - 15 supervised apprenticeship hours/3 Days.

    This apprenticeship period requires you to complete 30 “teaching client” hours in 6-12 months and a minimum of 15 supervised apprenticeship hours under the guidance and supervision of a GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer.

    Upcoming Courses

    • Date: 26,27,28/9
    • Course Fee: AUD$350
    • Studio Fee: $250AUD
    • Location: Adelaide, SA
    • Studio: The Yoga Centre


    GYROKINESIS® Final Certificate Course - 3 Days / 15 hours.

    This 3 Day Course is lead by an International GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer. You must physically execute and demonstrate a proficient understanding of the exercises and principles in the GYROKINESIS® Level 1 Foundation Course syllabus. 

    Upcoming Courses

    • Date: TBA
    • Course Fee: USD$350
    • Studio Fee: TBA
    • Location: TBA
    • Studio: TBA

    I first met Suzanne as my pre-trainer for GYROKINESIS® Level One, and really appreciated her thorough teaching of the method, not just the movement, but also sharing the origins and intention of the method. Suzanne is a clear and concise teacher who is passionate about what she does. I had the benefit of working with Suzanne throughout my whole GYROKINESIS® training process, as she was working through her final hours towards becoming a Master Trainer. I had been trying to train in the GYROKINESIS® method for quite a few years, and I realise that it was Suzanne’s dedication and hard work that brought many incredible international trainers to Australia, so that I could learn on my home turf. Suzanne is an inspiring mentor, always showing a thirst to continue learning herself. I am grateful for Suzanne’s beautiful spirit and discipline. She is humble and caring, as well as passionate and precise. For me, these are all wonderful qualities in a teacher and mentor.
    — Nadine Kent (Pilates & Movement)
    Suzanne’s passion for teaching other teachers can be seen in her encouraging, motivating and highly inspiring way of passing on her extensive knowledge about movement. She taught me not only the classical system of Pilates but also how to read the body language of other people. She showed me where is the issue in the body and ways how to deal with it. Suzanne spent many hours teaching me and other students if necessary even in her free time to help us to improve. Furthermore, the Studio was always open to practice for myself and she encouraged me to observe her teaching as well. She always was able to give me a very good explanation of the anatomy and the reasons behind the exercises.

    In my exam and even today, I feel very comfortable in my teaching as I got the best preparation I could wish for. She still is a big role model and whenever I can I am happy to go to classes and workshops to learn from her.
    I admire Suzanne for her constant drive of improving herself. She still attends further studies and workshops in movement around the world. She passes on the newly gained knowledge to her staff and students right away with great enthusiasm. Working for Suzanne was a constant improvement in myself and the lovely and warm atmosphere made it a blessed experience. I highly recommend to book one of her workshops and experience the knowledge and compassion Suzanne has about movement.
    — Susanne Preiss (Pilates and Yoga Teacher)

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