Looking for a peaceful and unique space for your next event ?

Hara Beyond Movement Studio is a 250m² multidisciplinary movement studio in the heart of Coffs Harbour CBD, the studio is equipped for Yoga, Dance, Barre, Pilates, meditation and The GYROTONIC® Method. The studio boasts large windows that open up the space to loads of natural light.   This multipurpose space offers a large group practice room, a fully equipped Pilates studio, and two GYROTONIC® Method towers, a therapy Room, Male and female toilets, change room, lockers, shower, kitchen and onsite parking. This peaceful studio features, aircon and heaters for complete climate control.


Room Hire

Studio and room hire is available upon request, pending the availability of the studio. Please click the button below to download more information enquire about using the space.



The Space Equipment & Facilities

The PIlates Space

Approx. 100m²

The Pilates studio is fully equipped with Gratz and Basel Pilates equipment.

  • Large mirror

  • 2 Classical Reformers with Boxes

  • 1 Cadillac

  • 1 wunda Chair

  • 1 High Chair

  • 1 Large Barrel

  • 2 x Spine correctors( 1 Balanced Body/ 1 Gratz)

  • 2 x Small barrels ( 1 Balanced Body/1 Gratz)

  • 1 x Pedi Pole

  • 12 x Magic Circles

  • 12 x Triad balls, numerous other balls,

  • Therabands

  • Pillows,

  • 15 x Pilates Mats

  • Arm weights

  • 30 x chairs and stools

  • Foam rollers.

  • Small accessories- toe corrector, push up device, foot corrector, spread eagle board, small box.

The Therapy room

Approx. 25m²

  • Massage table

  • 4 x Shiastu mats

  • Towels

  • Mirror

  • Shivel chair

The Group Room

70m² This space is perfect for yoga, dance, barre, pilates, GYROKINESIS® exercise or any movement practice. Meetings and workshops.

  • A professional standard sprung dance floor
  • 3 Ballet Barres for up to 12 -16 persons comfortably
  • Infrared heaters
  • Ceiling fans
  • Aircon
  • Music doc and speakers


The Group Reformer Space

  • 4 x Evolution Studio Reformers with Boxes by Pilates Equip/ Paul Tesario

Yoga equipment

  • 12 x Manduka yoga Mats

  • 4 x shiatsu mats

  • 15 x Pilates mats

  • 20+ yoga belts

  • 20+yoga blocks

  • 15 large Bolsters

  • 5 small pranayama bolsters

  • 8 x meditation cushions

  • 30 blankets

  • 30 chairs

  • Pillows

  • 12 eye pillows

  • Towels

GYROTONIC® Method Equipment

  • 2 x GYROTONIC® Pulley towers/handle units
  • 9 x GYROTONIC® Stools and mats


  • Sink

  • Fridge

  • Tea and Coffee Facilities

The Therapy Room

The Therapy Room

The Pilates & GYROTONIC® Method Space

The Pilates & GYROTONIC® Method Space

The Group Room

The Group Room

The Entry

The Entry

The Group Room

The Group Room

The Group Room

The Group Room