About Hara’s Pilates Reformer Classes

By adding resistance on specialty designed Pilates Apparatus to Pilates exercises, these incredibly versatile Reformers enable varying degrees of intensity across a range of movements, from basic to highly advanced. At all times, paramount safety is assured.

Hara’s Pilates Reformer Class programs are designed as ‘stepping stones’ that evolve through a variety of exercises, challenges and incentives to reach that ultimate goal. These 4-person, Authentic Pilates Reformer Classes offer more personalised services at greater cost-efficiencies.

Many people are unaware of how great their body is supposed to feel. Pilates Reformer Classes make a positive difference in your strength, posture and even confidence.

NEW! Classical Pilates Studio 4 person conditioning sessions- Suzanne only

These sessions are suggested for a general conditioning requirement. With a focus on body conditioning, these 4 person sessions provide personal attention and utilize all of the classical pilates equipment including the reformers. These sessions do not accommodate serious injury or health condition which needs more personal attention. If you have a more serious or specific concern Suzanne will offer you a private or duo session only.


Reformer Quad & Studio Quad Pricing

Class size: 4 students to 1 Instructor

Before starting in one of our Reformer Pilates classes we require you to do an Initial Consultation. This enables us to assess your individual needs and suggest the best class level for you.

  • Initial Consultation: $100

  • Casual: $40

  • Block of 5: $150

Our Qualifications

Our instructors are educated and inspired to the highest degree. Hara Pilates Reformer classes are designed by Suzanne McCarty a principal trainer of Pilates Alliance Australasia-PAA and a second generation Romana Kryzanoswka Certified Classical Pilates Instructor who has been teaching full time for 2 decades. Our other Pilates Instructor is Lauren Realph who completed a comprehensive Pilates Reformer instructors qualification with Pilates International and who is mentored by Suzanne.

At Hara we are dedicated to achieving desired outcomes for individual goals and physical needs.


I know I’m in safe, highly qualified, educated, knowledgeable, caring hands with my Pilates instructors. They have been a vital part of my recovery and rehabilitation from back surgeries and recurring disc protrusion... I have put my trust in them for about 5 years and in that time I have gone from chronic, debilitating pain where I couldn’t raise 2 legs - to now, moving freely and in ways I never thought I could once again, stronger, fitter and pretty much pain free ...and able to do Hara barre which is amazing) without the need of further surgery. Do your homework when looking for a qualified studio & instructors to avoid injury & get the most out of your practice, I know my instructors are the best because my studio is HARA!
— Kiri
Pilates reformer has been a revelation for me. Not only the physical benefits but also the psychological effects have been significant. I just love it, and I wish I could do it every day. And I love all of my teachers – Suzanne, Lauren, Kristy and Kirsti! You are all so caring, kind, gentle, strong, empowering, fun, beautiful women. Thank you so much for all you have done for me.
— Nicky
Reformer at Hara Pilates Studio
Pilates isn’t girly!
After trying gyms and trainers I found that Suzanne’s individual and duo Pilates instruction using her studio equipment as well as her mat classes has improved my flexibility, strength, and posture. It is a true work out any man can use no matter what your age or condition.
— Spencer