Hot Yoga - Is it really healthier?

I get that some people love hot yoga. I’ve decided I don’t. It’s not beneficial to our body nor our planet. I practiced it 20 years ago when I stopped dancing professionally because I thought it would keep me trim as it advertised, 🙄 well of course not, you just lose fluid and is that healthy, really? I didn’t stick to it because it just didn’t feel right. 

Years later during my Yoga Teacher Training, I came across hot yoga again and thought I might add it to my studio, but at the same time I started to study more anatomy, physiology and organ health, and after some research, my views changed overnight. 

The benefits sold to you that you gain during hot yoga are equally achievable and so much safer (possible dangers are dehydration, over-stretching or in some cases even heat stroke) in a reasonably controlled or non-temperature-controlled room. Let’s also be mindful of the environment and using energy unnecessarily during the warmer months.

The HARA Yoga flow sequence is practiced in a room warmed to the comfortable temperature of a late spring day, 28 degrees, to support the natural building of warmth within the physical body. However, we don't believe that practicing in a heated room during summer or on hot days is healthy nor balancing so we only offer heated rooms during the cooler days/months of the year. Be organic in your practice and heat up naturally.